ECoral integrates metamodel adaptation into the Eclipse Modeling Framework. Usually, you adapt your Ecore metamodels manually in an ad-hoc fashion. With ECoral, you specify transformational adaptation in scripts. ECoral provides you with a library of well-defined adaptation steps. We distinguish three kinds of adaptation; namely refactoring, construction, and destruction. Refactoring preserves a metamodel’s expressiveness. Construction increases it, while destruction decreases it.

Metamodel adaptation usually requires co-adaptation of models and model transformations. With ECoral, you control co-adaptation easily. ECoral determines which adaptation steps cause co-adaptation. In most cases, it provides you with a generic solution. In some cases, you need to  give specific information. With this information, ECoral generates co-adaptation scripts for models and model transformations. Simply apply them, and your models and model transformations are compliant to your new metamodel.


  1. transformational adaptation of Ecore metamodels

  2. well-defined adaptation steps

  3. library of refactorings, constructors, and destructors

  4. generic and specific co-adaptation of models and model transformations